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Földgáz tanácsadás

Földgázbeszerzési szolgáltatások Commodity procurement Услуги по покупке природного газа


Lamar Consulting offers specialized consulting to assist our clients with commodity procurement, with a goal of minimizing their risk and increasing cost savings in regulated and non-regulated markets. We have expertise in the following areas:

  1. Consultancy in Natural Gas Procurement Policy
  2. Identification and evaluation of domestic and international suppliers
  3. Advisory in method of tendering and preparing of tender documentation
  4. Negotiation Assistance
  5. Evaluation and comparison of main supply offers conditions:
    1. Natural gas price formulas, fixed pricing, modelling
    2. Supply flexibilities based on consumption profile
    3. Take or Pay and Make up clauses, penalties
    4. Nomination methods and penalty clauses
    5. Payment terms
  6. Contract Review
    1. Review of contract conditions with client's company lawyer
    2. Risk evaluation
    3. Risk management advice for pricing and flexibility risks
    4. Suggestion for modifications of contract wording
    5. Preparing proposal for management decision