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Földgáz tanácsadás

Foldgaz-Piaci-Szolgaltatasok Market-Services Рыночные-услуги-в-области-природного-газа


Buying and selling natural gas energy is unlike buying and selling other goods and services. Natural gas market is a unique hybrid of volatile commodity markets and complex regulated utility services. Energy is a major operating cost for most commercial and industrial organizations. LAMAR Consulting offers an effective way to understand the market movements, reduce costs and manage risks when entering the natural gas market market.

  1. Objective natural gas market analysis and advise (complex study, periodical reports or presentation)
    1. Country supply/demand situation
    2. Local market pricing and actual market price level by segments
    3. Competition and trends in domestic market
    4. Analysis of changing position of market players (producers, traders, operators)
    5. New gas investments: border and production entries, storage, transit grids

  2. Feasibility study of client's planned new pipeline connections
    1. Capacity calculations
    2. Nyomvonaltervezés
    3. Calculation of investment costs and IRR
    4. Regulatory and technical issues
  3. Competitor's analysis
  4. Strategical planning
  5. Risk management