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Feasibility study on inert gas supply for a domestic power plant

  • Pipeline capacity and IRR calculations
  • Project business plan
  • Natural gas forecast and price modeling/comparison

Domestic natural gas procurement procedure for a multinational consumer

  • Suppliers competition procedure
  • Optimisation of purchase structure
  • Evaluation of purchase contracts

Consultancy for domestic power plant project on long-term natural gas supply (operational and strategic level)

  • Identification and evaluation of supply sources
  • Calculation and modeling of price formulas
  • Evaluation and phasing of electricity sales profiles with natural gas supply profiles
  • Flexibility and system usage calculations
  • Evaluation of draft Gas Supply Agreements
  • Risk identification and management

Building up natural gas business organization, sales and operation procedures of a domestic electricity trading and supplying company

  • CRM system
  • Offering and contracting
  • Management information system
  • Price modeling, formula calculations
  • Oil product hedge and risk management
  • System usage calculations
  • Nomination, allocation and invoicing
  • Capacity management and optimization
  • Natural gas business trainings

Strategic level consultancy for a multinational telecommunication company on natural gas business

  • Complex natural gas business study
  • System usage and flexibility calculations
  • Presentations and supporting materials for board decision

Feasibility study on pipeline supply of coke gas for domestic power plant

  • Calculations of cable capacity and return
  • Trace planning
  • Project business plan
  • Forecast, comparison and modelling of the price of natural gas
  • Presentation of the regularory environment

Consultancy in natural gas business for multinational IT company

  • Acting as natural gas expert background for IT developments
  • Identification and evaluation of possible IT development fields